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Christian Web Design

Christian web design goes hand-in-hand with Christan web hosting that Truepath has been offering since 1997. There are hundreds of ways to make a website, and Truepath offers four of the very best ways that we found satisfy the majority of our customers. However, you can always chose your own way of making a website if you are an expert at using great tools such as Dreamweaver or Amaya. Click on the links below and review the comparison chart to understand which method of web design works best for you:



    Christian Web Design

    SiteBuilder Wordpress



    Web Design Type Templates Templates Templates Custom
    Flexibility and Customization Low Medium Medium High
    Webmaster Skill Low Medium-Low Medium High
    Development Time Fastest Fast Medium Slow
    Truepath Support** Included Included Included Included
    Christian Web Design Costs Included Custom Custom Custom
    Web Hosting Plan All All All All
    Web Design / Web Master Support Self-serve Self-Serve Self-Serve Self-Serve
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    SiteBuilder Wordpress Joomla Dreamweaver


    **Truepath Support is for web hosting related issues. Web design issues should be handled by your web master.

    What are the success criteria for a website?


    • User friendly navigation
    • An attractive look and feel that is at par with the current standards
    • Content that is clear and concise
    • A call-to-action so your audience knows what to do after reading your web page


    Please contact support if you have any questions about building your website or contact sales if you would like a quote on building a custom website..

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