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Business Solutions


Truepath offers value-based web hosting on a shared hosting environment.  That means all hosting subscribers share the same physical servers.  Although this scheme is common for typical hosting requirements, it may not be the right solution for businesses.

Businesses often need more advanced hosting environments that isolate them from other subscriber influences and provide more server control.  Truepath offers these features through its sister companies:



VMracks offers VMware ESX hosting, Disaster Recovery Management, and Virtual Infrustructure Leasing for the enterprise business environment, specializing in HIPAA Compliant Hostiing.

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Position Research offers complete web presence solutions for small and mid-size businesses.  Services include:

  • Shared Hosting - similar to Truepath
  • Professional Joomla website Development services
  • Professional SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services
    • Organic Search Engine Optimizaton
    • Sponsored Link (PPC)
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