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"...People close to me who know that I am not a computer wiz, especially at my age of 71, are astonished when they find out I'm doing my own website. I tell them that I simply follow Truepath's templates. I don't have a clue how a webmaster does a real website. If a person has any sense of design and average intelligence and can think a little bit, it's really easy to produce a professional looking website by using Truepath's templates." -Robert Silvers

" all of the numerous dealings I have had with them over the past 7 years, Truepath walks the walk and not just talks the talk. Their customer service is first rate and is only surpassed by their professional and caring technical support staff..." -Rich Franconeri

Greetings and Peace. You are speaking to Cindy - (the problem child with - I am building sites for both. I currently run several businesses:,, - I run these businesses for a group of Cistercian monks in Sparta Wisconsin. I also do some web design for other clients, one of whom happens to run a Christian ministry - in looking for a host for this client, I found your hosting site via Google. Registering and hosting with has been a seamless, non-problematic affair and I am grateful for this! is another story completely - I am now in between registrars, and I am certainly hoping that the site actually gets TO YOU. Your customer service is very professional, and helpful, even for those of us who happen to be "problem children"! If you are the "Gil" who has walked me through the online chat, I thank you...along with everyone else who has assisted me. One tech is as good as the next, in my experience, and that is how a business should be run. Though I was truly caught between a rock and a hard place, either hosting with AIT Domains, or transferring my domain to TruePath - and AIT did offer me a "deal" - I prefer to deal with a company who hopefully has the same Christian values that my client does, and the company who has the most comprehensive customer care - with an intuitive user interface. Thanks again to you and your staff for doing all they can to reassure me, and solve my problem with grace and patience. On behalf of our charitable causes, I would like to thank you for your support through your purchases at Every purchase does make a difference. Many Blessings, Cindy L. Griffith

I actually don't recall how I first learned about was several years ago when I hosted my first site ( with you. I've always been happy with the service, and your commitment to Christian values makes all the difference in the world to me. I'll always keep the business "in the family", when I can. Keep up the good work Sincerely Tom Gilk

I looked at all the secular choices and was getting no where. I almost gave up on the whole idea until I felt impressed to look for Christian web host. All the roadblocks came down and I recieved more help than expected. The price was very reasonable. This is what wanted since I won't be making a money off the web site. I could use some help setting up the email part and putting a counter on my website. thanx Art

Thank you for your email. I found Truepath on the internet. I began to sign up for another Christian webhosting service but as I did an immodest woman appeared advertising something or other so although your webhosting was dearer, although still very reasonable, I decided to choose yours. I was very pleased at the speedy setup. The 100 G downloading ability for a modest price was most important. I hope and pray that I can use the site for the advancement of God's Kingdom. God bless, Neil Cadman.

Hi, I was searching for a web host, and I was primarily looking at cost for feature benefits, I had almost settled on go-daddy, when I was looking around their sight, I came across their advertising and it was predominantly using sex to sell. God challenged me not to host with them. So I switched my search to Christian hosting sites and yours came up with the best cost for benefits ratio. My search was simply through Google, I had not heard of you until a week or so ago. I have been involved with several different hosting companies over the years putting together websites for churches and friends, and so far I am very impressed with your control panel, it is extremely intuitive and un-cluttered, much better than any other I have used. Thanks for your service. Andrew

Thank you very much. Well, I searched the web through Google for Christian Web Hosting services. Truepath was at or near the top and I went to the site and it said Christ centered. Many TV preachers probably bill themselves as Christ centered, but I get the willies just watching them. I spent many years in the drug culture and was involved with rock and roll music; not all of it bad/much of it good, anyway I got a sense about evil presences and can usually tell right away when the Spirit wants me to move on. I did not feel this way at Truepath. I like what I found. I was raised as a PK (Preacher's Kid), but rebelled; later I became a Christian and a PK (Promise Keeper) in Albany, NY in 2003 at Promise Keepers. I must say the lawyers who wrote the Terms and other policies and agreements are paranoid in the extreme, and I know in this country lawsuits are as common as business suits or Sunday-go-to-meetin' suits so you have to be careful. Like me you likely trust most people, but know how people can act when they don't get their way or they think you owe them something, or, worse, they see what they want and think it is theirs to help themselves to... I hope we can have a very long and fruitful relationship. My web site is about the Gospel first, with a little computer help on the side. Thank you for your welcome. Love in Christ, Steve Cossaboom :-)

Mr. Vidals, Thank you for writing. I chose TruePath for my personal hosting (, because the church I pastor uses it for our webpage ( and I was, therefore, already familiar with TruePath's hosting service and reliability. Thank you for your inquiry and personal involvement. Robert D. Monteith

Hi! We were having problems with the honesty and integrity of our previous webhost and "Googled" Christian webhosting. I found several and researched each and decided that yours would be the best for us. I've spoken with John and Casey a couple of times and they were very helpful and polite, thank you! A refreshing change from what I'm used to. Debbie Allan

Dear Gil, Thank you for your email and welcome to your hosting site. I am a Christian (and retired Marine). I've been with ChristianWebHost for almost 10 years. Quite frankly I was treated very disrespect fully from a help desk person and Lance (the owner) didn't take the appropriate action. The excuses were wearing pretty thin as well as far as support too (site unavailable, no follow up's, etc.). I picked TruePath because you are a Christian based company. I also picked your company because of your co-location with the NOC. As I said, I'm a retired Marine - Communications/Crypto Chief. I am presently the supervisor of a large public utility here on the east coast. My specialties include not only communications, but networking and the server areas. I also have my own computer business. With some 30 years background, well, let's say that I have some experience.

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