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Web Images


Truepath has scoured the Internet looking for good Christian images.  And we found some at:


We have reproduced some of these images on our Image Galleries for easy viewing, however, we encourage all Truepath subscribers to visit each of these websites and download images directly from them.


Notice to Authors: It is Truepath's intention to respect each author's copyright and terms of use for all images on this page.  To the best of Truepath's knowledge, Truepath is in conformance with the author's terms and conditions.  However, if anyone believes otherwise, we ask that Truepath be notified immediately so we can take appropriate action.


Truepath is looking for more Christian images.  If you are an author of Christian images, please contact us.  We are interested in displaying your images on our website.

Online Image Editor

The editor, designed by Visual JS at, is made available to Truepath hosting subscribers for basic image editing functions.  We don't support the product – it is available as is.

The editor has proven helpful for basic image editing needs such as:

  • cropping
  • brightness and contrast adjustments
  • rotation
  • add text

There are some special filters that apply interesting image effects, as well well as frames and icons - we encourage you try some.  Simply upload an image and start to play.  If you like the effect, just select the "Save" button.  The editor will save the image back to your computer.  Then you can upload the image to your hosting space with either Truepath's File manager inside the control panel - OR - use an FTP client to upload your image.

If you do upload images, no one else will be able to seem them.  They will be available to your computer (and only the computer that was used during the image upload process) for a period of 30 days - OR - you can delete your browser cookies to remove them.  Images older than 30 days will be automatically be deleted.

To use the Online Image Editor, your browser must have caching, cookies, and JavaScript enabled – most browsers do.  The editor will accept .jpg, gif, and png formats.  If you want to launch the editor outside of the Truepath website, click here.


Website Images - Which Kind is Right?

There are 3 kinds or formats of images that can be displayed on the Internet:

  • jpg (pronounced J-peg)
  • gif
  • png (not IE6)

You might think that 3 is plenty, but in the world of graphics, there are over 20 different formats.  Many are proprietary or are used for the print industry.  None the less, only 3 (those mentioned above) will display in a modern Internet browser.

To help Truepath hosting subscribers understand which format is best, we have put together a summary of each format in the following table.


Number of


Can be




16 million




Good for photographs, but background cannot be made transparent to position atop another graphic.






Good for clip art or shapes with few colors.  Small size for quicker loading.  Background can be made transparent but the limitation in colors makes image outlines very coarse.


16 million




Good for images and background can be made transparent to position atop another graphic. PNG format not supported in IE6.


To find out more about images and their different formats, check out this website:


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