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WordPress Updates

WordPress is third party software that is frequently updated by the makers of the software and you may be prompted to update both the main application and plug-ins when you login to the WordPress admin control panel. For security reasons, Truepath recommends updating the software and plug-ins when updates become available. You will need your FTP information as part of the upgrade of WordPress and/or WordPress plug-ins. When performing an upgrade, you will see a page similar to the screenshot below.


WordPress Software Updates - FTP Info

Your FTP credentials are included in the "welcome email" from and more information about how to find the FTP credentials can be found at The Hostname can be entered as the webserver, domain name, or IP address of the webserver. The preferred hostname to use is the name of our webserver as this will avoid any DNS issues for newly registered or recently transferred domains.

  • Hostname - enter the webserver or domain name here
  • FTP Username - all lowercase
  • FTP Password - case sensitive
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