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Christian web design goes hand-in-hand with Christan web hosting that Truepath has been offering since 1997. There are hundreds of ways to make a website, and Truepath offers three of the very best ways that we found satisfy the majority of our customers. However, you can always chose your own way of making a website if you are an expert and have a favorite web design tool. Click on the links below and review the comparison chart to understand which method of web design works best for you in terms of Christian web design:

Truepath Offers Three Ways to Design a Website

Impress Pages


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ImpressPages is an excellent web design tool that is meant to empower people to create beautiful websites with quality content. It includes an excellent web editor that is intuitive and powerful. It has a simple and clean interface that is less cluttered and more streamlined than the other popular web designs tools.


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WordPress has gained a widespread following and is one of the most popular web design tools. It is considered an intermediate design tool. More difficult than ImpressPages. It has an impressive number of plugins that are used to enhance the functionality of the website.


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Joomla is the most difficult of the three design tools. It requires an experienced webmaster to properly layout a Joomla website. Joomla has a complicated administrative backend where the webdesign work is handled. Joomla also has a large number of plug-ins.

Side by Side Comparison

  ImpressPages WordPress Joomla Desktop Tools
Web Design Type Templates Templates Templates Proprietary
Flexibility & Customization Excellent Excellent Excellent n/a
Webmaster Skill Low Med. High Complete
Development Time Fastest Fast Slow Slow
Truepath Support** Included Included Included $$
Christian Web Design Costs Included Included Included $$
All All All All All
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**Truepath Support is for web hosting related issues. Web design issues should be handled by your web master.