What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is a great option for many who are looking to build their own website. It can be best suited for individuals, small businesses and other small groups, such as small non-profit organizations, churches, and other similarly-sized institutions. These hosting services are also available for medium-to-large organizations. It is a useful and economical option for those who want to build a website, from a personal blog to a church website since there are many uses. As business requirements grow, shared hosting plans are capable of expanding to support these needs. Though for the entire lifespan of many small businesses, this type of service will often work quite well with a shared hosting plan.


Another benefit to shared web hosting is that some hosts, like Truepath, provide managed services to assist users with maintaining their servers and infrastructure. Resources for shared server space can be managed in many different ways – often, disk space is limited on per server by the hosting provider, and that specific disk space is not directly shared with other users in the same shared space. Resources such as RAM and processing power are shared amongst servers within the same account. With websites becoming less reliant on resources and sharing the costs for server maintenance, shared hosting becomes a more attractive and affordable option to many.


Keeping all of this information in mind, it becomes clear why shared hosting is a great option for many. Shared hosting provides unlimited resources, but the truth is that many websites just simply do not require an abundance of resource usage in support of a dedicated web server. Thanks to shared hosting, many Christian website owners now have an accessible and affordable option for web hosting for their own domain.

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