Transferring Your Domain Name to Truepath Christian Web Hosting

Transferring your domain to a new Christian Web Host can seem like a daunting task at first, but in reality, it’s very simple once you are familiar with the process. Whether you’re changing hosting providers to save money or gain additional functionality, this can easily be accomplished. After signing up for your new Christian Web Host, your first task is to log into your current domain name’s registrar. When transitioning your domain name from one provider to another, this involves transferring management from one registrar to another, not the ownership of the domain.

Every domain name – or the address you type in for your website – is registered through your Domain Registrar. In order to transfer your domain, it has to be unlocked and a transfer request initiated. An EPP Code (sometimes referred to as and Authorization Code or a Domain’s Secret) will be sent. The EPP will be provided by your current Registrar, and then given to your new registrar. Often an automatic form through your new registrar is provided for this, or in some cases can be handled via email.

Once this transfer has been confirmed with both registrars the transfer process can take 7-10 business days to complete. Domain names must be registered for at least 60 days prior to transfer elsewhere. Domain transfers may include a small fee to process. These fees can be offset through vendor offers or incentives for signing up with them.

Many Christian web hosting providers offer domain name registration as an additional option. When choosing a Christian Web Host to transfer your domain to, it’s important to not only weigh out the cost options, but also to find a company that has similar values to your organization. Keeping your domain with your church web hosting company is not only convenient, but also makes things more manageable and helps keep management of your domain and website under the same umbrella, saving you both time and effort.

At Truepath Christian Web Hosting, we offer an easy to follow domain transfer guide for all customers.

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