Christian Web Hosting for the Micro Church

For a culture that has mostly believed that bigger is always better, there has been a trend towards downsizing in many areas. Whether it’s small houses, micro farming or apodmonts, people are beginning to live with less. That’s happening with the Christian church too with the advent of micro churches. Micro churches don’t have large congregations or buildings. You are more likely to find a mirco church that meets at your local Starbucks or through a Google Hangout. Micro churches are more focused on intimacy than large congregations who come together through mega churches.

As micro churches grow in popularity, it’s still important to manage the ministry similar to a large church – with budgets, websites and other organizational needs. Church web hosting should be an integral part of managing your micro church. Small Parishes can use their website in a variety of ways to really get the most out of everything. Finding a Christian hosting provider who shares a statement of faith and caters specifically to churches and other Christian needs is very important. This helps to ensure a suitable environment and you know you’re entrusting your web content to someone who truly understands your needs, and in finding a partner in Christ.

In the past, hosting a website on your own domain could become expensive very quickly. With the advent of shared hosting, even the smallest church or parish can utilize the web much more efficiently and inexpensively. This is a practical, economical option for those who wish to build a website for their small church, especially as your parish and your needs grow. Shared hosting plans are capable of expanding to support these needs.

A variety of tools are available to help build your Christian website and create a professional and attractive site. WordPress is one of many available options that are great for this purpose. It provides a variety of themes and templates that require little to no technical knowledge to use. Content Management Systems like WordPress can be used to manage your content, develop a blog for your parish, or provide extended features with thousands of available plugins. Plugins are a great tool that adds a variety of functionality to your website, without the need to know complex html or have a large amount of technical knowledge.

One key feature that many micro ministries use is the ability to accept donations online. Online tithing can make it easy and convenient for your parishioners to donate funds to your church from anywhere in the world. And accepting credit cards is also proven to increase your tithing funds. In fact, many parishes may even have the majority of donations come online.

Developing and fostering your micro ministry online with a website hosted by those who understand the needs of churches will help you get the most out of your small parish. It is critical for churches to have an online presence in this day-and-age, and smaller churches aren’t an exception to this rule. Christian web hosting is the perfect tool for you to get more out of your micro ministry. Please visit us at for more details and to sign up.

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