Creating Email Accounts in cPanel

To access your cPanel you will have to log into WHMCS.

From the account overview page select the “Services” menu and navigate to “My Service”.

This will take you to the Products and Services page.

Click the “View Details” button.

cPanel Email View Services Truepath

This will launch you into an overview of the products and services that have been added to the account.

Click the “Login to cPanel button”.

cPanel Email Account Login Truepath

This will open another browser tab with your cPanel account.

Navigate to the Email Menu.

cPanel Email Menu Truepath

Click “Email Accounts.”

cPanel Email Select Account Truepath

Fill in the required fields. Passwords should Be between 10-12 characters long and include 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and should not be a dictionary word.

To have the system generate a password for you select “Password Generator”.

cPanel Email Password Generator Truepath

Click “Advanced Options.”

cPanel Email Password Generator Options Truepath

Change the “Non Alpha Characters” to the “Numbers” option.

cPanel Email Password Generator Requirements Truepath

Select the check box to indicate you have copied the generated password to a safe place.

cPanel Email Password Generator Copier Truepath

Click “Use Password.”

cPanel Email Use Password Truepath

Change the mailbox quota to 1500 MB.

cPanel Email Quota Truepath

Click “Create Account”.

cPanel Email Create Account Truepath