Email Account Creation

This page will show users how to setup a new email account within their control panel at Click on images below to enlarge for a detailed view.

  1. Navigate to the “Mail Manager” by clicking on the “email” link.
    Click 'email' to use the Mail Manager
  2. Click “New E-mail” link to create the new email address for the domain. **NOTE: If you have more than one domain, select the domain from the dropdown list and click “Go” prior to clicking the “New E-mail” link .
    Click 'New E-mail' to add new email account
  3. Enter the username for the new email account. The red exclamation mark “!” will change into a green plus sign “+” if a valid entry is made. Check “MAILBOX” to create a mailbox to be used with an email application such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or webmail. If you would prefer to have email forwarded to another email account such as gmail, yahoo, or hotmail, then you would check “MAIL FORWARD” and enter the desired destination. After the appropriate values have been entered, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

    **Optional, but recommended – check the boxes for “AntiSpam” and “AntiVirus” protection.

    Creating a mailbox   Creating a mail forward
    MailboxMail Forward

  4. For more information about the Mail Manager, please visit the Control Panel User Guide at and goto “Mail Resources” as shown below.
    Control Panel User Guide

Now that you have setup email account(s), the following pages may helpful: