ImpressPages is an easy to use web-based tool built to create websites with minimal effort. ImpressPages provides a attractive templates. Each template can be customized by changing the colors, text, and images and can be viewed in the Design link in the menu. Here are some webpages that were developed using ImpressPages that are from arounf the Web.


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mementobox showcase 2barbershop showcase 2inspinia showcase 2wedoweb showcase 2

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ImpressPages is included as part of your Truepath web hosting account. It is especially useful for those with limited web mastering skill or time. More advanced users may want to try Joomla Web Development instead.

If you have a Truepath web hosting account, then log in to your control panel in order to start up ImpressPages. Select your template and you are well on your way to creating an attractive and customizable web site.