Instant Access

If you are transferring your domain (website) to for web hosting, your new website on Truepath’s web servers will not be available for visitors to access online until the DNS settings are updated. The DNS update affects where your visitors and email are sent. When you are moving your website from one hosting company to another, you may want to schedule a brief overlap in order to accommodate building your new website at In order to minimize downtime for your website during that transitional period, you can force your computer to go to Truepath’s web server while you are building your new website by adding an entry to the hosts file on your computer. All other visitors will still be directed to your current website.

You will need a few pieces of information before you begin:

  • Your domain (website) name. Example:
  • The IP address of the web server that your domain is hosted on.
  • Your computer operating system.

All users need to find the IP address of their web server as described below:

  1. Log into the control panel at:
  2. On the right side of the screen, click on your domain name. See screenshot…
  3. The next screen will display the IP address of the web server your domain is hosted on. See screenshot…

The hosts file should end up with a line using the format:


** NOTE: make sure to update the IP address and replace “” with your actual domain name.