Avoid Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

March 03,2015 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

You may be asking yourself what is Social Engineering and Phishing. In the past, hacking primarily consisted of your computer system being compromised in a way that the hackers could obtain sensitive information. Better security has forced hackers to take a new approach and that is where we get social engineering. Hackers now are looking for the easiest ways to hack people, and not just people’s computers. Social media has had one of the biggest impacts in social engineering because of how easily people share information via web sites like Facebook, Twitter, dating websites and even more personal accounts such as your healthcare provider and bank accounts. We will go through what measures you should be taking to protect yourself these days.

Migrating Your Website to a Christian Web Host

February 19,2015 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

In choosing web hosting, oftentimes users will pick the easiest or most expeditious option. However, after spending some time with a web host or registrar, one may find that the tools they offer may not fulfill the proper requirements, or may find that the ideals of the company may differ. Most web hosting providers use specific types of advertising and marketing to appeal to a wide array of users, but many find this type of advertising offensive or in poor taste. In this case, we recommend migrating one’s website to a Christian Web Hosting Provider.

Top Video Apps for Christian Websites

February 17,2015 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Writing a blog has always been a great way to reach out to your community. Blogs however, do not have to be a completely one-dimensional medium. Have you ever thought about posting a video as part of your blog or just wanted to share a great video with your community? If you have not, then you have an opportunity to improve your communications with your church members. A Vlog (Video Blog), can bring your online presence to a whole new level. If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website or just build a great rapport within your church or community, then you should take the time to find the right video app for your website.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Christian Church Website

January 29,2015 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

In today’s age, owning your own domain is quite easy. Even the smallest parish should have a web presence. Registering and setting up a domain for your church is also a simple-and-easy process. Your domain name is a significant part of your web identity, and having your own domain name is a great way to make accessing your website simple. Keeping this in mind, using a name your community will recognize is important and worth some consideration beforehand.

Truepath takes action to mitigate the GHOST vulnerability

January 29,2015 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

There is an internet vulnerability discovered recently that you can read about in the link below. This vulnerability affects most of the web sites on the internet today.


Truepath is taking action by applying a patch to prevent a malicious user from taking advantage of the vulnerability. The web server your web pages are on will be rebooted as part of the fix, which means you may notice your web page will be inaccessible for up to 5 minutes.
Truepath is your Christian web host, and we work round the clock to ensure your website is up and running smoothly.

Create an Email List for Your Christian Church

January 27,2015 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Reaching out to your community via email is a well-worn method for connecting with one’s parishioners and church members. There are several methods of creating a mass database of emails and contacting them all at once, but between manually compiling a list and carbon-copying (CC’ing) each one and using a more structured solution, like a mailing list, there really is no choice. Mailing lists are a time-tested solution that continue to be a solid choice for dissemination of information, especially as it changes. It’s much simpler to be able to send an email with a few keystrokes to tell the community that the time or location of an event has changed, and with mobile email, this is often enough to completely reschedule the event. In addition to being a great solution to manage a list of users, mailing lists are also user-friendly for the creator of the list as well.

Avoid Sending Spam to Your Parishioners

December 30,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

As anyone who has used email can tell you, spam – or unsolicited bulk email – can be scourge. We all can agree it’s a nuisance at best and it’s important to realize that even an otherwise innocent email can come off as “spammy”. The last thing your parish wants is to have its email or newsletters be considered as spam by a computer, or even worse, get marked as spam by one of your parishioners. Keeping a few simple ideas in mind, though, it’s easy to avoid having your emails or newsletters being confused as spam.

Christian Web Hosting for the Micro Church

December 29,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

For a culture that has mostly believed that bigger is always better, there has been a trend towards downsizing in many areas. Whether it’s small houses, micro farming or apodmonts, people are beginning to live with less. That’s happening with the Christian church too with the advent of micro churches. Micro churches don’t have large congregations or buildings. You are more likely to find a mirco church that meets at your local Starbucks or through a Google Hangout. Micro churches are more focused on intimacy than large congregations who come together through mega churches.

Transferring Your Domain Name to Truepath Christian Web Hosting

December 17,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Transferring your domain to a new Christian Web Host can seem like a daunting task at first, but in reality, it’s very simple once you are familiar with the process. Whether you’re changing hosting providers to save money or gain additional functionality, this can easily be accomplished. After signing up for your new Christian Web Host, your first task is to log into your current domain name’s registrar. When transitioning your domain name from one provider to another, this involves transferring management from one registrar to another, not the ownership of the domain.

Choosing a Christian Web Host for Your New Blog

December 08,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

A church blog is a great way to reach out to your community in an accessible, conversational manner. In addition, in connecting with younger parishioners, speaking a language they understand is paramount. Most young people these days don’t subscribe to email newsletters, nor will they read postal mailings or newsletters. Connecting to the next generation means using technologies that they already interact with in order to reach them on a meaningful level.