What is Shared Web Hosting?

December 04,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Shared hosting is a service where many websites reside on a single server connected to the Internet. Typically, each website will have its own domain name, share data space on the server, and provide access to settings for their website through a web-based control panel. Because it makes web hosting with your own domain more accessible, many find shared hosting to be an inexpensive and practical option if their needs aren’t very large or demanding in this regard.

Church Web Hosting at an Affordable Price

December 01,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

In the past, purchasing cloud hosting space to manage a website was considered an expenditure relegated to larger businesses that had an ample budget. Nowadays, in this age-of-technology, where websites are more of a necessity than a luxury, the price of web hosting has reduced substantially. There are many different things to consider when purchasing a web host, but the first thing to understand: what actually is a web host? Essentially, websites are built from webpages that are viewed by people on the Internet all over the world.

Top Free Church Website Design Tools

October 10,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Church website design is similar in many respects to any other type of website design. The standard procedure for building a website involves looking at the available tools and seeing how much of the process has already been done for you, and how much it will cost to start from scratch instead. For example, if one were building a site for a car wash, you might check to see if there are car wash website templates available, minimizing the amount of design work needed to be done. The process is identical for church websites, the only difference being that many, many more tools are readily available and easily implemented.

Choosing the Right Church Web Hosting Provider

October 08,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Choosing the right web hosting provider for your church website is kind of like choosing an auto mechanic for your car. Most will provide the same services, most will do it at a fair price, but sometimes if you have a foreign car, you find it’s worth your while to go to a specialist.

Streaming Sermons Online

September 23,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Like podcasting, the process of broadcasting sermons online is really just a matter of choosing a streaming service and plugging the code snippet into your website. We’ve talked before on this blog about embedding audio and video on your site. Doing so is very simple, and a good way to get your message out, especially those that can’t attend your services every week. However, it is also possible to stream your sermons live (both audio and video) for church members who may not be able to attend due to lack of mobility, health, or other concerns. A live sermon is a great way to replicate the Church experience for those unable to attend.

Creating and Managing Church Budgets

September 11,2014 by Truepath to Top Blog Posts

Church budgets are one of the aspects of running an organization that does not come naturally, or may be one of those tasks that someone becomes quite daunting and overwhelming. But never fear! Despite diminishing budgets that have become all too common for churches of any size, making a budget is a great way to maximize the resources your community does have without having to sacrifice much-needed essentials. There are a few factors to keep in mind when crafting your budget that can really help to stretch the dollars you have.